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Grzegorz Kraszewski
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My projects

I write soft­ware mostly for Mor­phOS and Ami­gaOS, (clas­sic Ami­gaOS 3.x). I've also done a few small ap­pli­ca­tions for Win­dows. My pro­gram­ming lan­guage of choice is C, I also have writ­ten code in C++, Lua, Amiga E and PHP, as well as M68k and PowePC as­sem­bler.

Small applications and tools

My articles

Peer-reviewed scientific publications

I've writ­ten them until given up my aca­d­e­mic ca­reer. Most of them is re­lated to dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing, es­pe­cially using Al­tiVec SIMD unit of Pow­erPC proces­sors.

Webpages I've developed and manage

In web de­vel­op­ment I be­lieve in sim­plic­ity in both graph­ics de­sign and server side pro­gram­ming. I use basic pop­u­lar web tech­nolo­gies: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. My pro­jects are light­weight, clean and se­cure.