Small tool for putting audio data into the sys­tem clip­board
Grzegorz Kraszewski

Au­dioTo­Clip is a con­sole tool for Mor­phOS. Its pur­pose is to put any audio file rec­og­niz­able by Reg­gae frame­work into the sys­tem clip­board. Audio data is put into an AIFF con­tainer, as it is the stan­dard clip­board for­mat for audio data in Mor­phOS. The tool has been writ­ten for test­ing sys­tem clip­board sup­port in Di­gi­Booster 3. The pro­gram is dis­trib­uted as free­ware with full source code on BSD two-clause li­cense.


Au­dioTo­Clip 1.1 (12 kB) for Mor­phOS 2.x, on Mor­phOS Files. The source code is in­cluded in­side the archive.



AudioToClip FILE/A, UNIT/N


Put con­tents of "sam­ple.mp3" into the de­fault clip­board unit 0:

AudioToClip sample.mp3

Put some WAVE file into the clip­board unit 2:

AudioToClip somefile.wav 2


Au­dioTo­Clip puts the data into the sys­tem clip­board in the proper way, through clip­­vice. There are known old, bro­ken tools, which try to "guess" the lo­ca­tion of clip­board files and write them di­rectly. It not only may break for­ward com­pat­i­bil­ity in the fu­ture, but also dam­ages ad­vanced clip­board fea­tures, like clip change no­ti­fi­ca­tions, or data post­ing mech­a­nism. The source code of this tool is meant to be a pro­gram­ming ex­am­ple how to ac­cess the clipb­pard prop­erly, it also serves as an­other Reg­gae ex­am­ple.


Ver­sion 1.1 (2011-11-25) fixed one ob­vi­ous bug. A pro­cess­ing mem­ory buffer was not freed at all. I've also in­cluded sources of lib­vstring, my small link li­brary eas­ing dy­namic string han­dling in C. With some fixes in the make­file, now the code can be re­ally built by any­one.

Ver­sion 1.0 (2011-11-13) was the first re­lease.

Last updated: 28 Dec 2015.