FLAC stream analyzer and validator
Grzegorz Kraszewski

Fla­co­chlo­rine is a side-pro­ject of my FLAC codec for Mor­phOS. It can be used for FLAC file val­i­da­tion, analy­sis and – in the fu­ture – for lim­ited re­pairs of dam­aged files. Fla­co­chlo­rine di­rectly uses two Reg­gae classes: flac.demuxer and flac.decoder.


Flacochlorine screenshot

Fla­co­chlo­ri­ne starts from di­splay­ing some ge­ne­ral in­for­ma­tions about a FLAC stre­am: exact num­ber of audio fra­mes, du­ra­tion (with one mi­cro­se­cond pre­ci­sion), sam­pling rate, num­ber of chan­nels and bits per sam­ple.

The next step is stre­am scan. De­ta­ils about every FLAC block are ga­the­red and pre­sen­ted. In­va­lid blocks are de­tec­ted and mar­ked red. For every com­pres­sed block fol­lo­wing in­for­ma­tions are di­splay­ed: num­ber of block, byte of­f­set in the file, block he­ader length, he­ader CRC-8, block CRC-16, num­ber of audio fra­mes, ste­reo mode (for ste­reo stre­ams), com­pres­sion ratio (for a block and ac­cu­mu­la­ted).

The cur­rent ver­sion 0.5 of Fla­co­chlo­ri­ne does not de­co­de audio yet. It shows in­for­ma­tions re­tre­ived from the block extrac­tor and block he­ader de­co­der. Fu­tu­re ver­sions will pro­vi­de also glo­bal stre­am info and block de­ta­ils (in a se­pa­ra­te win­dow ope­ned after a do­ublec­lick on the block entry in the list).


Flacochlorine 0.5 (80 kB) for MorphOS 3.x, on MorphOS Files. The source code is included inside the archive.


Last updated: 29 Dec 2015.