Table of Contents

First Steps

The First Traditional "Hello world!"
Useful Compiler Options
MorphOS API and Its Organization

System Basics

Exec Lists
Tags and Taglists
Own Startup Code

Magic User Interface

Introduction to MUI
Short BOOPSI Overview
Event Driven Programming, Notifications
"Hello world!" in MUI
Text Class – Labels, Textfields, Buttons
Locating Objects in the Object Tree
General Rules and Purpose of Subclassing
Overriding Base Methods
Subclassing Application Class
Subclassing Tutorial: SciMark2 Port

Reggae Media Framework

What Is Reggae Framework?
Media Formats Supported by Reggae
Kinds of Reggae Classes
Reggae Common Formats
Reggae Basic Concepts
Using Reggae in Applications
Downloading Web Resources with – basics




Many images in the book are in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. One should use a browser supporting it.
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