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What Is Reggae Framework?

Reggae is the MorphOS framework for processing media. Reggae provides a set of classes (BOOPSI classes to be exact). Applications create sets of objects of those classes and connects them to form media processing structures. Reggae can be used to fetch, decode, process, play, encode and store media in different formats.


Reggae vs Datatypes

Reggae replaces older media framework, Datatypes, coming from AmigaOS 3.0. Compared to Datatypes, Reggae has following advantages:

Placement of Reggae Classes

All Reggae classes are shared MorphOS libraries, every class is stored as a separate file. It allows for loading only really needed classes to memory. Standard Reggae classes are stored in MOSSYS:Classes/Multimedia/ directory. Additional, third party extension classes may be placed by user in SYS:Classes/Multimedia/.